• Blue Sodalite Slabs
  • Blue Sodalite Slabs
  • Blue Sodalite Slabs
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Blue Sodalite Slabs

USD 197.65/㎡(FOB)

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SKU: S05_JX2026
Total: 4.766 ㎡
Other Blocks: 21 Blocks, 1234.469㎡ in stock View All
Size: 2820.0*1690.0mm
Thickness: 17mm(±0.5 mm)
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Blue Sodalite Slabs


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Description Stock Information Reviews
Thickness 17mm(±0.5 mm)
Kitchen CountertopYes
Bathroom CountertopYes
Fireplace SurroundYes
Pool AreaYes
Interior WallYes
Interior FloorYes
Steam/Shower WallNo
Steam/Shower FloorNo
Exterior FloorNo
Exterior WallYes
Ornamental StoneYes

No: S05_JX2026_1-1

In stock: 1 pieces(4.766 ㎡)


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2820.0*1690.0*17 mm 4.766 ㎡ icon-addshop Add this piece
Blue Sodalite Slabs
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Blue Sodalite Slabs
USD 197.65/㎡(FOB)
Thickness: 17mm(±0.5 mm)
Other block of this material
In stock: 244pieces (1234.469㎡)
NO. In stock
  • JX20-4 : 10pieces (37.377㎡)
  • JX1824 : 28pieces (116.356㎡)
  • JX1930 : 2pieces (8.725㎡)
  • JX2145 : 39pieces (206.555㎡)
  • JX1901 : 11pieces (54.134㎡)
  • JX19-04A : 3pieces (15.602㎡)
  • JX2147 : 20pieces (102.104㎡)
  • JX2141 : 42pieces (230.162㎡)
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